Curve SUP Leash Straight

Curve SUP Leash Straight

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SUP Leash / Stand Up Paddle Board Leash - Straight style

  • premium grade strong 8mm or extra strong 9mm urethane cord - straight style
  • designed specifically for the extra demands of SUP boards surfed in waves
  • boosted extra strong fusion moulded cord ends
  • double stainless steel swivels
  • 5mm double layer ankle cuff
  • premium strength velcro
  • grub screw connectors
  • detachable triple wrap railsaver
  • wide 2.5" extra support ankle cuff
  • easy grab pull tab
  • clear + colour cord
  • key pocket
  • guaranteed for 6 months


Stand Up Paddle Boards place extra demands on your leash. Its not surprising that due to the extra large amount of surfboard being restrained, that its going to take a specialised leash to deal with it. 

Curve SUP leashes are up to the challenge, and are built extra strong with 8mm or 9mm urethane and beefed up SUP mouldings. Basically bigger boards need a bigger leash and so thats what you get with our range of Stand Up Paddle Board leg ropes.

The Straight SUP Leash has been designed specifically to withstand the demands of surfing your SUP, and wiping out, in waves.

Double Stainless Steel swivels keep leash movement nice and smooth while reducing tangling.

Plus we have added an easy pull tab and extra width ankle cuff for maximum ease of use and comfort. 

SUP leashes come in two styles: Straight for wave paddling, and Coiled for flat water.

Knee versions are available, but not generally recommended for wave riding.

8mm standard leashes will handle most conditions.

9mm extra strong leashes are the strongest you will find anywhere - these things are designed to tackle extreme conditions while providing the peace of mind that your leash will be doing its job when you need it most.