About Us

Te Mauri o te Moana - The Life Essence of the Ocean

Mauao Adventures specialise in stand up paddle boarding, waka ama experiences, and walking tours of Mauao.

We're all about facilitating and nurturing your journey and connection with the moana by providing a safe, interactive and educational platform using ocean activities.

What we value is simple:

  1. Safety first! Checklist: Safety (tick), Comfort (tick), Necessities (tick).
  2. Kaitiakitanga: Taking care of our environment and everything in it.
  3. Manaakitanga: Taking care of our guests and each other to the best of our abilities.
  4. Whānaungatanga: Ensuring everyone feels part of the family.
  5. Kōtahitanga: Promoting unity and oneness.
  6. Preserving our Maori culture by weaving it through our business practices.
  7. Quality service, quality equipment, quality experience.

What makes us different?

Our whakapapa connections give us a depth of appreciation, kinship and guardianship which we cherish.

Our love of moana (ocean), whenua (land) and tangata (people) is at the core of all we do: showing itself in the cultural and environmental awareness we champion.

Meet the team


He uri ahau nō ngā iwi e toru ō Tauranga Moana, ko Ngaiterangi, Ngāti Ranginui, Ngāti Pūkenga hoki.

I’m really passionate about our taiāo and promoting kaitiakitanga.  I love the beauty of our rohe, however it is us as a community who has fought for, created and maintained that beauty.  I love seeing visitors come from afar, having travelled many lands, still stunned by the beauty of our area.  I love to influence them in taking care of and reigniting the beauty in their own lands and moana.

I have been stand up paddling for approx. 8 years and doing waka ama for about 6 years, all through working with East Coast Paddler as the business was previously known.  It was owned and operated by my cousins, and I took over in 2016 and formed Mauao Adventures.

What drew me in was the layers of benefits experienced from being on and in the moana, and the taiāo in general.  Physical, emotional, spiritual and social benefits, which I now get to enjoy and share with others.  It is a platform to practice and promote kaitiakitanga, health and wellbeing, confidence and competence. 

The transformations I see in others when engaged in our services are rewarding.  From young to old, those layers of goodness are transferred to our participants, and this is why people should consider experiencing our services.



He uri tenei no Waikato Taniwharau, Tauranga Moana whanui ano hoki.

I have been involved with our waka ama club" Hoe Aroha whanau o Mauao" since 2015.  Attending my first national sprint competition in 2016. Iv been paddling around 6-7 years, and since then I have grown to find a deeper connection, passion and interest with our moana. I now find myself near the moana almost everyday

I have been working with Mauao Adventures since late 2021 and have gotten so much out of it already. I have learnt new skills and knowledge involving our moana, other things such as first aid and health also. I am now not only a junior waka ama instructor but a junior stand up paddle boarding instructor as well. I’ve enjoyed every part of this journey with Mauao Adventures. but one of the main things I have enjoyed most is growing a stronger connection with Tangaroa and everyone around me.  What i love for those choosing to participate in our services, is well help and guide you to connect with Tangaroa a-tinana and a-wairua. 

Mauri Ora!!



He uri tenei no Matapihi, Te Puna whanui ano hoki.

Over the last year I have growen a passion and interest for our moana. I have found it calms my wairua and clears my hinengaro.

I have been involved with waka ama for the last couple years. I competed in my first national sprint competition in early January 2020 for Hoe Aroha Whanau O Mauao. I have also been involved with SUP for most of my life. 

I have been working with Mauao Adventures since late 2021, but helping out with this mahi over the last 6yrs. I have learnt a lot of things working with Mauao Adventures, I've grown a skill to connect and communicate with people who come and enjoy our services. I now find it alot easier meeting and talking to new people. Being next to the moana almost everyday is a part that i enjoy the most.

Participating is one of the main things in this kaupapa not only are you going to be connecting with our staff but you are also going to be connecting with Tangaroa.



Kia Ora koutou, 

He uri tenei no Te Arawa, Tauranga Moana whanui ano hoki.

The moana has been me since i can remember.  Having the ocean at your back step, how can you not be amoungst it.  26yrs deep with waka ama and introduced to SUP about 4yrs ago.  Waka ama is 1 sport that me and my whanau are passionate about. There is nothing like putting in the mahi on the water then being rewarded with the nice refreshing swim. But its not all about competing.  The waka community is amazing! From babies through to kuia and koroua, so many beautiful  people from all around the world. With nothing but respect and aroha for all. 

I'm a coach to many rangatahi, for they are the future of our sport and our club "Hoe Aroha Whanau o Mauao".

I have been lucky enough for my job to be something that i love, being on the moana.  Ive been apart of Mauao Adventures for the last few years, currently as senior waka ama instructor and newly as the administrator.  It gives me the opportunity to engage with people from all walks of life and different age groups. 

I encourage everyone in Aotearoa to get amoungst any of our water sports, for we are surrounded by the moana.  Its not just good for you physically but also your wairua, tinana and overall hauora.

Mauri Ora!!


He uri tenei me Utakura, Tauranga Moana whanui ano hoki.

I'm very passionate about waka ama, I love paddling and being outdoors.  I have been apart of Hoe Aroha Whanau o Mauao since 2015, i then competed in my first sprint nationals in 2016.  Since then waka ama has connected me to the moana and my wairua like never before.  I have grown a great passion for the moana and everything in it.

I really enjoy all the connections i have made working for Mauao Adventures.  Not only with my work crew but with Tangaroa.  I spend most days near the water.  I love being able to work with people who are like minded and have the same goal of connecting and sharing our moana with others.

I recommend this kaupapa to people of all ages, there are so many benefits .  Connecting to the moana, your wairua and exercising your tinana in this beautiful space is amazing.