Business and Social Groups

Whether you’re seeking Fun, Adventure, Light Competition, or Morale Boosting...

Or if you’re hosting business guests and want to give them a true local experience,

Our activities are designed to bring the best out in everyone.

*All fees are negotiable with increased numbers.


SUP Lesson & Adventure

Fee: $45-65pp max
Duration: 1-2 hours


Exploring Tauranga from the ocean is another level of awesomeness.

We have many locations to choose from, and each location has its own set of unique benefits and information. 

You have the option to start with a lesson, or perhaps you’ve already been through our lesson and we can get straight to exploring. Choose a duration anywhere between 1-2 hours.

Some locations include Motuotau (Rabbit Island), Otumoetai, Te Papa (The Strand), Matakana, Wairoa River, Lake McLaren, and more!

You will be safe under our guidance, and we will assist you along the way.

Our SUP Adventures can be quite a magical experience, and perhaps our favourite thing to share.

Key Benefits: Emptying the mind, enjoying the moment, cultural and environmental appreciation.


Waka Ama

Fee: $45-65pp max

Duration: 1-2 hours

Work as a team to get your waka gliding smooth on the ocean surface.

Begin with an on-shore lesson with one of our experienced steerers. First learn the paddle technique, and then learn how to paddle as a team, which is the key element to this activity. Each paddler has an important role to play.

Once you enter the waka, put your skills to practice whilst circuiting the bay. You get to paddle to the Tangaroa statue and try racing against colleagues in other waka ama.

The longer you spend with us, the further you can go. Perhaps to Matakana Island, or to Tirikawa rock at the front of Mauao.

If you have a large contingency or a number of departments, talk to us about organising a waka ama race day.

Key Benefits: Team work, light competition, coordination, relaxed mind, role responsibility.


Fleet Hire

$450 for 2 hours, $125 for every additional hour.

Full access to our entire fleet of boards!


🤙🏽 15-20 SUP boards (pending availability) and all equipment needed.
🤙🏽 Two 3x3 gazebos.
🤙🏽 Two tables for food service.
🤙🏽 Two staff to coordinate the equipment and paddlers.

Good for large family days, with a day planned for the beach. Utilise the public barbecue area, bring your beach blankets, and rock up to the gazebos, tables and boards ready to use.

Want to include our basic SUP Express lesson? Add $100 and our instructors will host two lessons for everyone during your hire. 

AND...We can bring everything to a local beach near you for an extra $60.

Key Benefits - Whānaungatanga, team bonding


Meet Your Maunga 

Fee: $40pp max

Duration: 90-120 minutes

Are your staff yet to be properly introduced to Mauao?

The Legend of Mauao itself is inspirational, but only one of the many stories we share as we guide you around or up Mauao.

Our knowledgeable staff also share about the wildlife that still reside on and around Mauao, and other environmental factors.

We facilitate a deeper connection to the area by getting to know Mauao a bit better.

Key Benefits: Connection, local knowledge, culture.


SUP Games

Fee: $55pp max

Duration: 1-3 hours, depending on numbers.

Hunt for treasure, solve mysteries and race competing teams to the end.

A challenging and super fun couple of hours spent on and off the water.

Teams are required to go from station to station, as fast as they can, achieving each station’s objective and gathering proof along the way.

Teams will get wet and teams will be exhausted. But guaranteed that everyone will have a blast.

Key Benefits: Team work, strategy, competition, local knowledge.


Packaged or Tailor Made

Get better value for money by packaging our services for a half day or full day of fun!

Have something else in mind? We can tailor our services, so feel free to contact us and discuss your needs.

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