Stand Up Paddling Adventures

SUP Day Trips and Multi-Night Adventures

Explore Aotearoa by stand up paddle board by joining us on any of our SUP Adventure day and multi-day trips.

With up to 10 trips scheduled annually, you are spoilt for choice, with each adventure stacked with its own unique qualities.

You can expect to link with locals of the areas we travel, meet the wildlife, and experience the magic that each location has to offer.

What sets our adventures apart from others is that it is important we connect with tangata whenua (people of the land) everywhere we visit. There is nothing more heartwarming than to have the blessing of those who are well rooted to the land and waters we visit.


New adventures coming soon



South Island, New Zealand
Tasman to Marlborough
11 Nov 2020 - 20 Nov 2020
$1825 - Incl. accommodation, land transport, activities

East Cape, New Zealand
Te Kaha to Lottin Point
11 Dec 2020 - 13 Dec 2020
$950 - Incl. accommodation, most food, activities



Want your own private adventure?

Enjoy a picnic in the middle of the ocean, paddle to an island, snorkel, collect seafood, or paddle to a cafe.

Whether you’re on your own or coming as a group, we have private SUP adventures to suit everyone. Locations are chosen according to the forecast conditions.

Never tried SUP before?  No sweat! We can start you off with a lesson, and use the adventure to build up your skills and competence.  But if you are already quite comfortable paddling on flat water, we make the journey more adventurous!

We love to share our knowledge of the cultural and environmental significance for each area, so while you get to experience your own private SUP adventure, you also have the opportunity to strengthen your connection to Tauranga.

For out of Tauranga experiences, send us an email enquiry.




Do you need to know how to stand up paddle?

    Unless stipulated in the detailed information, our adventures require that you are competent paddling on flat water.  You don't need to be a pro athlete paddler, but you must have clocked up a few hours in varying conditions to join.  Most of our trips don't include a lesson, nor one-on-one assistance except in an emergency.

    Do we need our own equipment?

      We can usually provide all stand up paddling equipment needed, that is a board, a paddle, a life jacket and a leg rope. We may also be able to supply other things like booties, wetsuits, drybags where needed.  But this information is detailed on each adventure weblink.

      Can I take my own vehicle?

        Most of the time, "No".  It is easier and less distracting for our instructors to keep everyone together.  No one gets lost, equipment doesn't get left behind, people aren't waiting on anyone.  Our instructors have many things to be thinking about to keep everyone safe and having fun.  Also in many instances, we are in remote areas where reception can drop out, the roads are rough, or there is little space for vehicles.  Again, this will be stipulated in the detailed information.






        We have connections. We line up experiences you would not be able to emulate.  Our trips are culture-infused, meeting with tangata whenua/people of the land along the way, so you get the real deal exclusive treatment.
        We keep you safe.  We've scoped the sites and assessed all risks beforehand, so we're not exposing you to potentially dire situations.
        And we're cool. That's why.