Mauao Adventures Competency Levels

To make our activities safe and achievable for all our paddlers, we have graded some activities to suit different competency levels.  Each is a level higher than its predecessor, and the paddler is able to achieve everything included in previous levels.

Mauao Adventures Beginner Level - Either have never done SUP before, or have limited experience.  Paddler would class themselves as not comfortable on a SUP board and needs assistance to improve their competency.

Mauao Adventures Intermediate Level - The paddler is confident paddling in flat to slightly choppy conditions, and winds of up to 15 knots.  The paddler could achieve a 2 hour SUP tour comfortably.

Mauao Adventures Advanced Level - The paddler has advanced in their paddling technique and could endure a tour of more than 2 hours, in more challenging conditions.  They are advanced in their board skills - maneuverability, speed, efficiency.

Mauao Adventures SUP Surf Level - The paddler is confident paddling into the surf and catching waves on foot.  They understand the surf and the ethics around this activity.

Mauao Adventures Pro Level - The paddler is a confident and competent all-round SUP paddler.

Feel free to contact us if you need more clarity or information about our grading.  There is no official grading scale, we have developed this for our own purposes.