Mountain to the Sea - Waka Ama and Cultural Walk Experience

NOTE: This web page is not published and product is not live.  All subject to change by 31 Aug 2022. Sample page only.

Whenua - Moana - Tangata

Land - Ocean - People

As Kaitiaki (Guardians), we are here to facilitate your connection to our land, our ocean and our people.  Our way of life.

Experience a unique opportunity to try Waka Ama (outrigger canoe), the fastest growing team sport in Aotearoa, and a close assimilation to the traditional canoes of our ancestors.

Embark on a short walking tour of our mountain, Mauao, guided by tangata whenua (people of the land) who share the cultural stories handed down through the generations.

By Mountain - The most notable feature of our area is our mountain, Mauao.  All three Māori tribes of Tauranga affiliate to him.  Yes, we personify our significant landmarks, and you will get to know the Legend of Mauao.  The mountain is seeped in history, with visible evidence of the existence of our ancestors and stories passed on through the generations.  Our hospitable guides will safely accompany you along the short trek (60-75mins) around the mountain and share those stories.  The scenery is breath-taking, and the path boasts to be the most walked track in New Zealand.

By Sea - Join our experienced instructors on waka ama, or out-rigger canoes.  Very close to the traditional canoes that brought the Māori people used to navigate the Tauranga Harbour, this sport is the fastest growing team sport in Aotearoa.  After preparing for your excursion, you will be taken through an on-shore lesson before embarking the 12-person double-hulled canoe set-up.  Once everyone feels ready, our wonderful steerers ease you onto the water to begin the journey.  It includes some cultural stories shared, learning a waka chant, and paddling to a beautiful beach on our ancestral mountain, Mauao.


Waka and Walk Experience - 4 hours

 FEE:   $255.00 pp

INCLUDES:   Waka ama experience, guided walk of Mauao, all equipment needed.


Cultural Walk of Mauao - 2.5 hours

FEE:    $75.00 pp

INCLUDES:  Guided cultural walk of Mauao and catered packed lunch.


Catered Packed Lunch - Taste of Tauranga

Seasonal lunch pack, samples of seafood and plant-based recipes, regular food, selection of beverages.  Dietary options available.


Added information

Cruise visitors will be greeted at the Port of Tauranga gates and escorted to our location.  Yet to finalise whether by foot or transported on location.

Minimum of 8 people, maximum of 44 people.

Minimum age of 8 years.  No maximum age, but a moderate level of fitness is required.

Yet to determine maximum size/weight.

Participants are required to wear walking shoes, comfortable clothes for walking, sun protection, and bring a warm layer, spare set of clothing.  Optional swimwear and towel.

Participants can expect exposure to salt water, to get wet up to their knees, no toilet access for 2 hours.

Groups may be split into two groups with one starting on waka ama, the other starting with the walk, and transitioning after one hour.  We call these "rotations".

The walking track is a gravel, undulating path.



09:30am Collected from Port of Tauranga gates

10:00am Welcome, prepare, karakia (prayer)

10:30am First rotation

11:30am Transition

11:45am Second rotation

12:45pm Reset

13:00pm Kai (food), waiata (songs), poroporoaki (farewell)

14:00pm Finish



10:30am Collected from Port of Tauranga gates

11:00am Experience commences

13:00pm Kai (food), waiata (songs), poroporoaki (farewell)

14:00pm Finish