Paua Member

Welcome to the Paua Member page!


Mauao Adventures is passionate about providing a safe, yet adventurous way to Ignite Your Ocean Spirit. So we look forward to regularly guiding you on our waters!

The Paua Membership of the Mauao SUP Club is a bespoke membership designed to build individual skill and passion for SUP.  We adventure through Tauranga's many waterways and beyond!

The main benefit Paua Members receive is the Club Paddle, which is scheduled 3 times a week in varying locations across Tauranga. These are adventurous paddles. 

If you're a beginner, or are feeling a little nervous, you get to start with your own one-on-one session with our qualified instructors.

Paua Members are required to have their own gear, but we can't expect you to come equipped from the outset!  So the added benefit is that we will provide all equipment needed for the first month to enable you to both build up your skill and also determine the type of board and equipment that is best suited to you before you purchase your own.

Yes, we sell boards and equipment, but you are not at all obligated to purchase from us!

The Paua Membership comes with the following inclusions:


 One-On-One stand up paddling lesson

Board and equipment supply for the first month

Up to 3 Club Paddle adventures scheduled a week

Daily 1-hour board and equipment hire when available

Ongoing paddling and ocean advice

15% off the full price of most retail items

Member only discounts on other ECP events

Extra curricular activities like SUP surf, waka ama and snorkelling 

If this sounds like a bit of you, hit the button below to secure your Paua Membership!

CLICK HERE for the Paua Member Terms & Conditions


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need my own board? We can provide board and equipment for the first month, then we encourage and help you to source your own. 

When do you paddle? Our current club paddle times are;

Tuesday 5:30pm (4:30pm winter) 

Thursday 10:00am

Sunday 8:00am (9:00am winter) 

How many in the club? Currently between 10-15 members, but will eventually be a maximum of 50 people. 

I'm not that confident, will I get a lesson? You'll receive a private lesson, then you'll have access to our hire equipment to build up your skill before coming on club paddles. We are available to assist build your confidence as quickly and efficiently as possible. From there, we give ongoing guidance on club paddles. See our Terms and Conditions for info on grading. 

Where do you paddle? We paddle all over Tauranga. The club paddles are set weekly to suit the weather and tides, and club members receive a weekly email with those updates. Sometimes we head out of town on a weekend to keep it interesting. 

How long do you paddle for? We put aside two hours for club paddles, but they could be anywhere between 1-3 hours, depending on how it pans out for everyone on the day. You don't need to partake in the full paddle, people are welcome to tap out early. 

That sounds like a long time! Our club paddles are cruisy, and we go to the pace of the group. We're not in a rush, there's too much to see and feel along the way, hence sometimes "dawdling" the time away. 

Feel free to forward any other queries so we can add those to our FAQs.