Quality service, quality equipment, quality SUP

We are dedicated to providing you with nothing but quality.  

Therefore the services we provide, we deliver with passion, love and consideration for you, our environment and our business.  We add every ounce of talent we can collectively offer.  There is a good selection of services to choose from, because over the years we've taken note of the varying needs of our clients.  SUP, to us, is more than just a 'fun thing to do in summer'.

To support our quality service, we do not compromise on equipment.  We are hands on with our equipment selection and have donned only the best of brands.  We deserve it, our clients deserve it, and the sport deserves it.  We support paddlers of all abilities, and also aim to contribute to creating a healthy paddle community.  Therefore when it comes to equipment, we want and promote the best.

Our SUP retail items have links to more comprehensive information about construction and functionality, so be sure to take your time selecting.  Once you have narrowed it down to 2-3 items, contact us to book a demo session.  We are happy to oblige.